Providing Targeted Cancer Diagnostics

Accreditation & Complaints Policy

UCL-AD Accreditation

After a successful UKAS assessment on the 13th & 14th of December 2016, the UCL-Advanced Diagnostics laboratories in UCL are very happy to announce that we are currently "Recommended for Accreditation" to UKAS/ISO15189:2012 standards.

Updated: 14th December 2016


UCL-Advanced Diagnostics Complaints Policy

The aim of UCL-AD is to provide a high quality service so that there is excellent customer satisfaction. The Department has a systematic, accessible and impartial process for dealing efficiently and effectively with concerns or complaints to ensure that any issues highlighted are dealt with efficiently and fairly. UCL-AD is committed to using customer feedback from complaints in a positive way by listening to our users and learning from their experiences, as this is a valuable source of feedback and driver to improve the quality of the services offered.

A complaint may be made by a user of the UCL-AD services as they are unsatisfied with the quality of service/product received by them. Complaints or expressions of dissatisfaction may be made in writing, electronically or verbally about any aspect of the service provided by UCL-AD.

Majority of the complaints will come directly to the Laboratory Services Manager or the Quality Manager who will deal with the issue. If a customer calls to complain about any aspect of the service, they should be advised to contact the Laboratory Services Manager/Quality Manager directly, in writing if possible. Laboratory Services Manager/Quality Manager should then be informed immediately of the call. It is then their responsibility to contact the complainant directly and make efforts to resolve the issue. All complaints will also be recorded on Q-Pulse CA/PA module.

Updated: 1st December 2016