Providing Targeted Cancer Diagnostics


UCL-AD Begins Centralised Testing for Major Clinical Trial.

'Optimal Personalised Treatment of early breast cancer usIng Multi-parameter Analysis.'  OPTIMA is a partially-blind randomised trial designed to compare clinical and economic outcomes of standard chemotherapy treatment with biomarker-directed allocation to chemotherapy or no chemotherapy in women with ER positive, HER2 negative breast cancer and either axillary node involvement or larger tumours'.

UCL-Advanced Diagnostics role within OPTIMA trial is to ensure centralised testing of Oestrogen Receptor (ER) and Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-2  (HER2) gene status as well as additional preparative methods for molecular analysis.  The selection of UCL-AD as the central testing lab for OPTIMA greatly enhances UCL-ADs portfolio of active clinical trials.